Trump says he will sign executive order on "patriotic education" in rebuke of 1619 project

The 1619 Project dug into the personal histories of Black Americans in the U.S. and systemic racism.

Nintendo has discontinued the 3DS

Nintendo has discontinued every model of the 3DS, according to its Japanese website. The company shipped more than 75 million consoles worldwide.

Computing Pioneers Endorse Biden, Citing Trump Immigration Crackdown

They said the administrations policies were driving away technology talent and could do long-term damage to their industry.

J.K. Rowling ‘not directly involved’ in creation of Hogwarts Legacy game, Warner Bros. says

Harry Potter series author J.K. Rowling was not involved in Hogwarts Legacy, the new open-world video game in the Wizarding World universe from Portkey Games, Avalanche Software, and Warner Bros.

How #SaveTheChildren is pulling American moms into QAnon

The hashtag, its links to conspiracy theories, and its implications for the election, explained.

Bill Barr Just Said COVID Lockdowns Are Like 'Slavery' and Black Victims of Police Violence Are 'Props'

The attorney general also criticized prosecutors in his own department, comparing them to pre-schoolers.

The 4-Degrees-Celsius Election

This November, we can choose the safer, greener path for all of us, or the path to oblivion.

Japan’s top court rules tattoo artists don’t need medical license

The Supreme Court ruled that tattoos require artistic skills different from medicine.

A Tesla driver was caught sleeping on Autopilot at high speed. Now, police are charging him criminally

A Tesla driver was caught sleeping on Autopilot with their seat fully reclined at high speed, according to police who criminally charged the driver.

The Best iPad (2020): Which Apple Tablet Should You Buy?

Choosing an iPad is more complicated than it needs to be, but were here to help with our complete guide to all of Apples tablets.

Photographer Captures Moon ‘Dressed Up’ Like Saturn

Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration

What’s new in iOS 14.2 beta 1? Revamped media controls, ‘People Detection,’ more

Apple today released iOS 14.2 beta to developers with Shazam integration in the Control Center, but we have now found some other new features and changes that were included in the update.

How Mathematical ‘Hocus-Pocus’ Saved Particle Physics

Renormalization has become perhaps the single most important advance in theoretical physics in 50 years.

Is Stadia more powerful than the PS5?

Google Stadia has a powerful GPU backing its cloud servers, but game streaming is still subject to a host of unforeseen problems. PS5 delivers the entire package as a physical console, so you'll never have to worry.

Apple Watch Series 6 Reviews Roundup: Brighter and Faster, Blood Oxygen Measuring Requires Precise Fit

First impressions of the Apple Watch Series 6 have now been shared by select media outlets and YouTubers, providing a closer look at the device's new features, including blood oxygen measuring and a brighter always-on display.

Metacore raises $17.6 million from Supercell and launches Merge Mansion mobile game

Finnish mobile game company Metacore, formerly known as Everywear Games, has raised $17.7 million in funding from mobile gaming giant Supercell.