How and why?

Artificial Feed fetches a curated list of RSS feeds and picks top article from each publication based on how many people shared, commented or liked it on Facebook.

Artificial Feed is made for busy people who don't want to spent more than a few minutes getting the most important news of the day.

Who and when?

Artificial Feed is product created by Lucian Marin. You might consider donating with PayPal for all services provided for free.

Artificial Feed started when I was replying to Elon Musk on Twitter that I can code Pravduh for him. After I exchanged a few DMs with him, I started to get hooked on the idea and after each code iteration it go closer to an actual product.


Artificial Feed is powered by Falcon web framework, Django ORM, feedparser, requests, BeautifulSoup, PostgreSQL, PgBouncer, Facebook API and Google feedburner for feed caching. It's hosted on a high frequency Vultr cloud server.


Links are cached for 48 hours then permanently erased. Content isn't cached at all, it's fetched when reading it. It's virtually impossible to keep content of all articles ever fetched.

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